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Full app or working prototype?

Hi, which is the minimum functionality that the app needs to have in order to participate on the challenge? I mean, do I need to integrate things like login, signup, payment,..?
Do we need to submit a working prototype or a fully working and finished app?
I'm trying to understand the scope of the challenge and if I have the time to do it.


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  • Manager   •   about 9 years ago

    Hi Dayana,

    Thanks so much for your question and your interest in the Delivery.com App Challenge!

    Per the official rules, submitters must:

    "Create, develop and submit a working app that uses the APIs provided by Poster from time to time available at http://developers.delivery.com, allows users of delivery.com to order online from restaurants, wine and liquor stores and/or laundries and dry cleaners, and contains features designed to improve the user’s online ordering experience. The app must be capable of being successfully installed on mobile devices and at all times running, in each case, as determined by Poster and/or Administrator in its/their sole discretion."

    Apps are not required to be publicly available by the submission deadline, so if your app meets the requirement above, but is still in a prototype stage that is fine.

    Good luck - we can't wait to see what you create!

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