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Linking to the delivery.com mobile site

I just wanted to confirm something I heard on the call yesterday.

I'm making a mobile web app to help with local restaurant discovery but I'm not doing anything innovative with the actual ordering process. When a user of my app finds a restaurant they want to order from can I link to that restaurant's page on the delivery.com mobile site (ex: https://m.delivery.com/#!/merchants/nyc/cafe-con-leche) and let them take the actual ordering process from there?

I feel like I might be wasting a lot of limited time trying to build something that is essentially mimicking what their mobile site does well instead of focusing on the parts of my app that make it different BUT I don't want to be potentially penalized for not having it built this functionality into my own app.



  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago

    Hi pinzler,

    Thanks for your question and your interest in the Delivery.com App Challenge!

    Unfortunately, I cannot give you specific feedback about what might or might not result in higher scores for your submitted application. I will remind you, however, that the requirement per the official rules is that makers must:

    “Create, develop and submit a working app that uses the APIs provided by Poster from time to time available at http://developers.delivery.com, allows users of delivery.com to order online from restaurants, wine and liquor stores and/or laundries and dry cleaners, and contains features designed to improve the user’s online ordering experience”

    Eligible submissions, which meet the requirement above (and all other requirements per the rules), will be scored by a panel of judges using the following criteria, which will be weighted equally:

    1) Quality of the idea underlying the Submission: including creativity and originality of the idea.

    2) Implementation of the idea underlying the Submission: including how well the idea was executed by Makers.

    3) Potential impact: including the potential impact and value provided to delivery.com customers.

    I would recommend that you ensure your app meets the requirement above, and keep the judging criteria in mind as you craft your submission.

    I wish you the best of luck!

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    Sorry, so I suppose "penalized" wasn't the right word and what I should have said was "disqualified".

    Particularly because of the requirement statement where it says "allows users of delivery.com to order online... and contains features designed to improve the user’s online ordering experience”. My app has nothing to do with the actual "ordering" process, hence my concern. Or should I be reading "online ordering experience" more generally to include things like (in my case) local restaurant search/discovery?


  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks so much for clarifying your question - it’s a good one.

    As long as your app is utilizing the delivery.com API and is providing links (thus referring orders in some fashion), then the application would be meet the API eligibility requirements for the challenge, regardless of what else the app is designed to do.

    I hope that answers your question. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at support@challengepost.com if you need further clarity.

    All the best,

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