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almost 9 years ago

Rules updated to include hardware apps

Great news! We've expanded the list of accepted platforms for the App Challenge to include any hardware technology that includes a software component.

Hello Wearable Tech + Internet of Things!

Now, in addition to software applications that run on iOS, Android, Windows 8, mobile web, PlayStation, Xbox, and Google Glass, you're welcome to submit hardware apps that have a software component too.

We hope this gives you even more possibilities to revolutionize the way people explore their communities and order online.

So will you create a software or hardware app? Save your choice in your submission today. (Submissions can be saved as incomplete drafts and updated up until the deadline.)

Hardware Testing 

Hardware submitters may be required to provide ChallengePost with the hardware component needed to test the application, along with testing instructions. Please note this in the "Testing instructions" field on the submission form.