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over 7 years ago

Get started today!

Thanks for registering for the App Challenge. We’re very much looking forward to seeing how your applications can help revolutionize the way people explore their communities and order online.

Apps are due June 10, 2014 — read on and kick off your submission today!

Quick-start guide

  1. Get your API Key: Sign up here, check out the documentation, and dive in.

  2. Brainstorm & get inspired. The Developer API provides tools, functionality, and data to interact with a network of more than 10,000 businesses in major cities across the US. What are some new and creative ways to use the API? How will you leverage it attract more users? Will you build a new app or modify an existing one?

  3. Choose a category: Do you want to drive new users and orders to a) liquor stores, b) laundries and dry cleaners, or c) restaurants? 
    (Note: You may create an app that has functionality that covers more than one category; however, you must choose one category in which your app will compete. You cannot submit or win in all three categories with the same app.)

  4. Choose your platform(s). We’re accepting apps that run on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, mobile web, PlayStation, Xbox, Google Glass, and any other hardware technology that includes a software component. Which one(s) will you build for?

  5. Start your draft today. Begin filling out your application now so that you don't feel rushed as the deadline approaches. Even if you don't have all the details yet, you can choose the "Save as Draft" option and come back to it later.

  6. Optional: Form a team. Thinking about buddying up? Visit the Registrants page to connect with fellow participants who are looking for teammates.


Ask technical questions, report unexpected behavior, and discuss with your fellow developers how to best make use of the API in the official Developer API Forum. If you have a question about competition rules, please post it on the app challenge discussions page or email

Happy coding!